Friday, April 4, 2014

New Book Release 9 Quantum Secrets of Abundance

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 I would like to announce my new book release 9 Quantum Secrets of Abundance. Please check out an excerpt at  

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New Book Release “9 Quantum Secrets of Abundance
 from Warren Atiba Taylor,  
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Do you believe you can manifest the life you want, but that there are principles to manifesting that life that you don't know?
Do you believe that you can change your life through the power of your thought?
Have you manifested small things though the power of attracting but seem unable to use it to create in a larger way?
If you've answered yes to any of these questions then this book will provide answers.

There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.
You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.
Your connection to the field provides accurate and unlimited guidance.
The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.

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