Friday, April 4, 2014

New Book Release 9 Quantum Secrets of Abundance

Hello Fans
 I would like to announce my new book release 9 Quantum Secrets of Abundance. Please check out an excerpt at  

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New Book Release “9 Quantum Secrets of Abundance
 from Warren Atiba Taylor,  
Now on

Do you believe you can manifest the life you want, but that there are principles to manifesting that life that you don't know?
Do you believe that you can change your life through the power of your thought?
Have you manifested small things though the power of attracting but seem unable to use it to create in a larger way?
If you've answered yes to any of these questions then this book will provide answers.

There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.
You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.
Your connection to the field provides accurate and unlimited guidance.
The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.

Cost $10.00
Email :
Telephone: 804-972-8830

Now on for digital download or hard copy
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Atiba Taylor Blues Demo After six months of hard work, my first blues release is still in the works. However, I am going to use the work as demonstration music for new shows. Please check out the sample below

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Richmond Jazz Society, Debo Dabney Trio Featuring Atiba Taylor Thurs 6/6 Va Museum

New Jazz Concert THURSDAY JUNE 6 at the Virginia Museum Debo Dabney featuring Atiba Taylor When June 6, Virginia Museum, Richmond,VA Time 6-9pm Come out and join us Gonna cover some straightahead, Brazilian Tunes and some downhome blues

Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to My Roots

Atiba Taylor has been recognized by the media and fans in Brazil, the USA and Europe as an outstanding saxophonist and vocalist. Having relocated to Brazil, Atiba returned to his roots singing and playing blues, and R&B. Many compare his vocal sound to Keb Mo and Robert Cray.
"Living in Maceio is an ongoing adventure, but things are getting better. After the release of his first major Cd in 10 years with Brazil Modern Jazz Quartet featuring the great drummer Carlos Bala,guitarist Ricardo Lopes, and bassist Felix Baigon, Atiba has resurrected his career. With his first blues Cd nearly finished, we can expect to see a national tour of Brazil and the World. Stay tuned for "Back to My Roots, Da Blues"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Art of Jazz Saxophone Improvisation

Well, its 11:19pm past my bedtime, and this is the first post in awhile.
My book The Art of Jazz Saxophone Improvisation is finally finished and can be bought on and soon on the Amazon site for independent publishers called

The Art of Jazz Saxophone Improvisation

I wrote this book over a 3 month period of lucidity when I was trying to put down all of the wonderful ideas I learned in my more than 35 years of playing and studying jazz.
Ideas that i learned in studying at Howard University, hanging out with Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Ken McIntyre(woodwind specialist who recorded with Eric Dolphy) a lesson with Joe Henderson, and info gleaned from a host of other great musicians I played with or studied with.

In the book I cover all of the fundamental aspects of Jazz Improv from a saxophonist's perspective, Swing, II V I, Blues, Major , Minor , Dominant, Diminished, Fourths Patterns and I cover the improvisational style of John Coltrane. 62+ pages of great material for $10 bucks. I am including a free lesson with the book.

I also will send you the draft to my new technique for Memorizing Tunes Overnight called The Sound Image Technique.

What I've been working on since the last post.
I have been studying Slonimsky's Thesaurus of Scales and Patterns. Some point during the next few months I will be sharing some videos and unbelievable things I've learned for one of the main study books of John Coltrane. If you have the 25 bucks Slonimsky's book is something to have in your library. Much of what he talks about is very mathematical, but you can use the patterns especially when looking at the Tritone section.

Okay, if you have questions about the book and you want to buy an electronic copy directly from me email me at

Friday, August 12, 2011

FraFra Sound Goes to Brazil

Here is my recent interview with the Bandleader and Bassist "Vincent Henar" of the Dutch Suriname Group FraFra Sound. FraFra Sound plays a fused mixture of jazz with Calypso, African and Latin Influences.

The present formation of Fra Fra Sound has existed since 1998 and its bassist and bandleader Vincent Henar is as solid as a rock. Guitarist Andro Biswane is unique in his ability to incorporate the fingerpicking-technique styles of Africa and the Caribbean with the jazz guitar.

Pianist Robin van Geerke is a master in harmonic tensions. Saxophonist Efraïm Trujillo and trumpeter Michael Simon, both experienced arrangers and composers, form such a tight duo they often seem as one person.

Drummer Walther Muringen not only provides excellent timing but adds colour to both the soloists and ensembles. Percussionist Carlo Hoop alternates effortlessly between modern and traditional African rhythms. He and Robin van Geerke have been members of the band since the end of the 1980’s.

Studio: Hello Vincent, What’s up! I heard from PlatformaBrasilHolanda that you guys had a great tour of Brazil this past June. is a nonprofit that promotes cultural exchange between Brazil and Holland.

Vincent: Yea, great, the band was very excited about our first tour to Brazil.
I was pleasantly surprised with the high educational level of the music students we taught and played with.

Studio: Before starting on the trip, How about telling me what’s going on with the band? I know you have a new Cd.

Vincent: Well yea , the new Cd was actually recorded last year(2010). Its called Black Dutch.

Studio: Why Black Dutch?
Vincent: First it’s a political statement about some of the racist ideas currently being associated with Dutch citizens who have some Surinamese background or parentage.

Studio: How so?
Vincent: Well for one, the word Negro is being used to label us. Its being used in a negative way, also there are those in the Dutch society who question the right of people of Surinamese heritage to be Dutch citizens.

Studio: I think this seems to be happening in other European countries and is a result of the majority placing the blame for the economic recession on minorities particularly people of color.

Vincent: Thus the title “The Black Dutch”, the album makes the historical and political statement about our right to be Dutch citizens, and acknowledges our South American and African Ancestry.

Studio: Cool , Some things never change. Well lets talk about the trip. What was the one thing that surprised you the most?

Vincent: I was happily surprised to see the proficiency level of the students at the music schools and communities we visited.
We had gone there to perform, additionally to our surprise we were asked to do educational workshops on the music we play. Our music is a merging of Calypso, jazz and African world traditions. We also gave some introductory lectures and workshops on improvisation.

Studio: How was that received?
Vincent: Well I think our guitar player (Andro Biswane) was possibly the most well received, but I think the students enjoyed all the band's musicians, the pianist as well(Robin Van Geeke). We taught children who were mostly string players. Violinists, cellists and bassists. But we did teach some brass and woodwind players and a few guitarists as well.

Our most effective lessons were teaching the children how to play pentatonic scales.
The Brazilian audiences all seem to immediately recognize the rhythms we play in our music. I think that is greatly due to Suriname being next door neighbors to Brazil

Studio: Did you notice any disparity between the poor and middle class?
Vincent: This was kind of shocking and sad. We visited several poor communities and performed or did workshops. We visited the communities of Cubao and Villa Natal. Both favelas in the district of Santos near Sao Paulo.

The favelas we saw were very similar to some ghettos in Africa that we have visited.
Ironically, I was also struck by the great spirit of the Brazilian people. Even those in the favelas still have a certain happiness and a spirit of aliveness.

Studio: I have that experience every day. It is very inspiring to understand and experience those who have little but maintain a sense of happiness and well being despite their circumstances.

What are your plans for the future with regards to Brazil?

Vincent: Well, FraFra sound was very well received in Brazil. The people danced to our music and I think there are some kindred elements in our approach to composition and performing in relationship to Brazil. I feel our music is different than anything that is going on in Brazil right now in my opinion. We hope to possibly be doing some jazz festivals in the fall or winter, but we will need sponsorship due to the cost of the trip.
Its expensive with the cost of flying. Yet, FraFra Sound has the potential for a great future in Brazil.
Studio: Thanks Vincent.
Vincent: No problem. I am going to send you some videos

Studio: Maybe we will see each other at some jazz festivals in the fall.
Vincent: Possibly.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The State of the Saxophone

Here we Go

Me: What is the state of the saxophone, guru
Saxguru: The state is always changing. Thousands of saxophonists are meditating on Bird, Trane, Dexter and Michael Brecker
Me: Is there progress.

Saxguru: Progress is a relative term, the total knowledge of what can be done with the instrument has not increased much, but the idea of using the creative or compositional idea of what can be done with the saxophone can still be explored.
Me: Im not sure I get that

Saxguru: look at it from the compositional aspect and different settings, the saxophone in contemporary settings, the quartet, quintet , the orchestral element has not been totally explored, nor the idea of playing as much with DJ's and rappers.

Me: I understand now. I will practice accordingly
Saxguru. By grasshopper.