Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Art of Jazz Saxophone Improvisation

Well, its 11:19pm past my bedtime, and this is the first post in awhile.
My book The Art of Jazz Saxophone Improvisation is finally finished and can be bought on and soon on the Amazon site for independent publishers called

The Art of Jazz Saxophone Improvisation

I wrote this book over a 3 month period of lucidity when I was trying to put down all of the wonderful ideas I learned in my more than 35 years of playing and studying jazz.
Ideas that i learned in studying at Howard University, hanging out with Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Ken McIntyre(woodwind specialist who recorded with Eric Dolphy) a lesson with Joe Henderson, and info gleaned from a host of other great musicians I played with or studied with.

In the book I cover all of the fundamental aspects of Jazz Improv from a saxophonist's perspective, Swing, II V I, Blues, Major , Minor , Dominant, Diminished, Fourths Patterns and I cover the improvisational style of John Coltrane. 62+ pages of great material for $10 bucks. I am including a free lesson with the book.

I also will send you the draft to my new technique for Memorizing Tunes Overnight called The Sound Image Technique.

What I've been working on since the last post.
I have been studying Slonimsky's Thesaurus of Scales and Patterns. Some point during the next few months I will be sharing some videos and unbelievable things I've learned for one of the main study books of John Coltrane. If you have the 25 bucks Slonimsky's book is something to have in your library. Much of what he talks about is very mathematical, but you can use the patterns especially when looking at the Tritone section.

Okay, if you have questions about the book and you want to buy an electronic copy directly from me email me at