Thursday, July 28, 2011

The State of the Saxophone

Here we Go

Me: What is the state of the saxophone, guru
Saxguru: The state is always changing. Thousands of saxophonists are meditating on Bird, Trane, Dexter and Michael Brecker
Me: Is there progress.

Saxguru: Progress is a relative term, the total knowledge of what can be done with the instrument has not increased much, but the idea of using the creative or compositional idea of what can be done with the saxophone can still be explored.
Me: Im not sure I get that

Saxguru: look at it from the compositional aspect and different settings, the saxophone in contemporary settings, the quartet, quintet , the orchestral element has not been totally explored, nor the idea of playing as much with DJ's and rappers.

Me: I understand now. I will practice accordingly
Saxguru. By grasshopper.