Monday, July 4, 2011

Theme for El Morya and Hercules

Theme for El Morya and Hercules

As I prepare for saxophone study and practice today i decided to post this short keyboard composition I composed on Monday.

I composed this theme earlier this week as an exercise to strengthen my will power.

One of our biggest challenges as musicians is using the active principle of abundance.

However, each day requires a focusing of life’s energies to focus the heart, mind and body.

So I thought why not use the music as well as meditation as a way of strengthening my connection to the Great ”All That Is.”

El Morya was a great Indian Saint who wrote a wonderful prayer version called the Violet Flame, and any student of Greek literature or sci-fi knows the work of the great Hercules.

Interesting that his twelve tasks fit the twelve note scale. Anyhow, here is the link, I joined a cool website called Reverbnation. tell you friends.

I compose this composition on my Yamaha Motif ES6 using Samplitude Recording software. enjoy, it is also a great meditation piece.